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All new clients are welcome to our three dental clinic.

Bordeaux and Carré Gouin dental clinics are dedicated to offer exceptional treatments to ensure a comprehensive quality care to our patients. From a preventive program to total care treatments, our team of specialists will be at your service to provide you with comfort and results. Notre philosophie is based on a human, welcoming and thoughtful approach. Our clinics provide a total care with a modern and conservative treatments.

Every practitioners are devoted to always offer an excellent and professional approach. Our mission is to provide the best technologies and treatments in order to answer your needs and expectations.

Remarkable professionalism and compassionate care.

Bordeaux and Carré Gouin dental clinics are situated at Montreal. Dr. Nayla Barrak recently acquired those three clinics to bring a modern and exceptional quality care.

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Montreal, she finished at the top of her class, her expertise and skills allowed her some major distinctions: Le prix Aldis Bernard de l'Ordre des Dentistes du Québec, le prix d'excellence de l'Université de Montréal et le prix du American Academy of Orofacial Pain.

To perfect her knowledge, and after her graduation, she followed the medical residency program at Montreal General Hospiral, where she had the chance to work closely with professional specialists in the dentistry field.

Dr. Barrak is always involved in her community and engaged towards her colleagues, she is a member of the Young members committee of the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec. It is well known that Dr. Barrak is devoted and committed towards her patients.

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The operation rooms.

Our three clinics ensure quality, modern and trustworthy care and treatments.


In each of our clinics, the operation rooms are equipped with the best technologies along with our exceptionally skilled medical team who will ensure the best treatments there is.

The pluri-disciplinary approach of our practice is our particularity.

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We cherish the health of your family

our medical team is committed to offer you a personalized dental care in a pleasant environment. We are at your disposition to answer all your questions, a way to get to know you better and to define your needs. This procedure is fundamental to our treatments, and makes it easier for you to get the suitable care. With a keen attention to kids and their needs, our approach is based on a preventive dental care program specially designed for kids between 6 and 11 years old, to meet their needs and their singularities. Our preventive care program will guarantee the best conditions for a healthy dental development.

Once the "predevelopment" stage is over we will be able to follow up on the oral health of your kids and propose the orthodontic services to provide them with the best smile and with it confidence and comfort.

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Remarkable professionalism and compassionate care.

Our treatments are personalized to meet the singular needs to every patient, keeping at the heart of our practice their comfort and satisfaction. We proudly offer a conservative practice.

L'obligation éthique et professionnelle de notre équipe médicale nous pousse à perfectionner nos pratiques et notre clinique. À fin de respecter les règles d'asepsie et de stérilisation et de maîtriser les risques d'infections, nos protocoles d'hygiène sont appliqués avec la plus extrême rigueur pour une pré-désinfection, un nettoyage et une stérilisation efficaces.

Nous sommes fières de vous offrir un ultime soin dentaire à chaque visite.

Your emergency is our priority.

Evenings and saturdays.

Your emergency call will be directly translated to efficient acts and solutions. This is how we are at your disposal whenever you need us.

Your schedule and health are so important to us; therefore, our clinics will be at your service two evenings per week and one saturday per month. You won't need to wait anymore.

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