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The dental implants.

Implants, usually made of titanium are inserted into the jawbone to create an artificial root, to which crowns, bridges or wearable dentures are attached. Titanium remains the best material in use, a metal that wouldn’t be rejected by the human body and is biologically inert.

To be able to accept implants, the gingiva should be healthy and the oral bone structure should be able to support the implant.

Dental prostheses on implants.

The implant supported dentures are the best option to replace a complete edentation. In comparison with standard dentures, the implant supported dentures decrease the bone resorption and secure an excellent stability allowing a better chewing ability, a better digestion and a better oral health.

During the implant recovery period, between 3 to 6 months, you will be able to use the old prosthetic device or a temporary one made and given to you before the surgery. Since the mouth is in constant change, dentures should be adapted to those changes to ensure comfort at all times.

The best prevention measure stays the dentals check-up.

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