Prosthetic care.

Dental prosthesis.

Dental bridges.

The dental prosthesis can replace a lost tooth or protect a broken or fragile one. Our dentists will assess the condition and situation of every patient and recommend suitable solutions. At Bordeaux dental clinic we make sure all your questions are answered and that all relevant information will be given before starting the required treatment. We offer fixed dental bridges and removable dental prosthesis.


The crowns are made to protect a weakened tooth and decrease its risk of fracture. The crowns have the advantage of being fixed on the natural pre-treated tooth, reconstructing its shape and functionality. The result will be extremely similar to the natural form of the tooth when ceramic-metallic or all ceramic materials are used. While all ceramic crown offers the best aesthetic quality, it is also biocompatible.

The dental bridge is used to replace one or multiple teeth. The bridges materials are same as the crowns materials: Metal, ceramic-metallic, ceramic or zirconia. We will help you choose the best material based on your preferences.

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