Unparalleled expertise.

You will be received with a sincere smile. Our friendly staff will greet you with a thoughtful attention, having at heart empathy and goodwill. We promise to dedicate all our effort to respect your person, answer all your questions, and be committed to deliver, discretely, the best treatment possible.

Invisalign treatments.

Our dental clinics are accredited providers of the Invisalign treatment. The most advanced clear aligner in the world will be customized to offer you the best smile. There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth.

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Teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening is one of the most requested treatments of cosmetic dentistry.

While you can buy “Do-it-yourself” teeth whitening kits, it is nonetheless recommended for security and efficiency reasons to consult your dentist. When applied with precaution, the active formula of the special hydrogen peroxide gel will penetrate the tooth enamel and make it a few whiter shades.

Advises from your dentist.

We will help you get the best results as we walk you through the treatment, step by step, since its early stages. Whether at the clinic or at home, we offer a personalized treatment with satisfying results.

The high concentration of hydrogen peroxide present in the gel we use at our dental clinics is better than the kits you can get from pharmacies. For the best results, this product should be stored in a refrigerator. Since it is not the case at the pharmacy, the product might lose a lot of its efficiency. Applied with care and attention, the results will be stunning! Once performed with our specialists, the best treatments allow you to get ten times whiter teeth without damaging the oral cavity.

The treatment guide.

1. Brush your teeth. Remove the syringe’s cap and needle cap and twist in tightly the applicator tip.

2. Place a small drop of the gel in each whitening tray.

3. Put on the whitening tray. Note that if a small quantity of the gel is swallowed, it won’t be dangerous, while it is possible to experience an unpleasant taste and irritation.

4. Use the gel every night before bed time.

5. Wipe out any excess of the product with a handkerchief or a Q-Tip.

6. Remove the whitening tray after every use, and wash it and the mouth with room temperature water.

Should I whiten my teeth?

Brightening your smile is easy, with proven results and responsible treatment. Some factors have to be stabilized first, specially if you are a smoke, have poor oral hygiene, an unbalanced diet or a genetic predisposition.

Your smile helps you give a great first impression. Your white teeth are the sign of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A change up to ten shades will be noticeable, while our dentists will help you achieve your individual perfect white.

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